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Key Person Insurance

Find affordable key person insurance.

How do you make a decision on a life insurance plan to buy? Purchasing a key person insurance is a huge investment and can be a tough purchase. It is essential to understand the different policies available and the difference of each, so you may make a selection that is best for your company.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is an excellent choice if you only need to cover funeral costs or economic obligations. A popular choice with younger people, who want to guard against the unforeseen, without making a huge investment. With Term Life Insurance, you are buying insurance coverage that lasts for a specific time. Term life policies are easy to manage, are the least expensive choice. You choose the benefit amount your beneficiary will receive.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance offers more selections depending on the policy. You could choose dollars that go towards your premium, where to invest your accumulating assets among other items. These coverage plans do not end after a term (period of time). There are 3 popular types kinds of permanent life policies; Whole, Universal and Variable. As long as you pay, the premiums 3 are yours to keep. Permanent life insurance coverage plans offer you the opportunity to build asset values for added retirement earnings, education money, a second home and more.

Three types of insurance:

In summary, there are many decisions to be made when buying key person life insurance. Most people prefer to work with an independent agent for their search. The independent agency, rather than a captive agent, may provide you the wider range of carriers to compete for your life insurance business.Whatever your priorities are, we are here to help. We will see to it your insurance policy demands are satisfied at a cost that fits within your budget. Affordability is the most important consideration.

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